Jen & Ste // The Moat House

I met Jenny at the National Wedding Show held at the Birmingham NEC in October.  Jenny was also called Jenny Rose and had to do a double take when she saw her name above my stand! We got chatting and realised that there were lots of odd little coincidences..we went to the same high school, Jen taught at my old primary school, we had the same name… basically we just had to work together! 

Jenny and Stephen got married at Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Hednesford, Staffordshire.  The church is grand both inside and out.  The beautiful architecture and interiors were a dream to capture romantic portraits after the ceremony.  During the wedding pre-consult Stephen showed me his Grandmothers treasured wedding album… which was just beautiful! Jen mentioned that she would love a full group shot on the church steps, reminiscent of the traditional style.  I love modern, natural style wedding photography but I will always take time to capture a few well curated group shots…these are the pictures that in years to come future generations look at wondering and asking who all the people were.  As a guest at a wedding I once photographed put it so perfectly - ‘a wedding album is like a window into a another time’.  

Jen and Ste held their wedding reception at The Moat House, Acton Trussell.  The Moat House is such a great venue with stunning backdrops at every turn, be it the canal that runs at the back or the pools and tudor building.  

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